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iPad Security Under debate - Enterprise Ready?

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iPad security for the enterprise still subject to debate

screen_shot_2010-01-29_at_11_29_44_amApple's tablet has a Cisco VPN, but that's not widely known...

Computerworld - Matt Hamblen - Whether the iPad is secure enough for enterprise use is debatable, based on a survey of several analysts and experts.

Some analysts say that with tougher data protection laws, such as one that recently took effect in Massachusetts, the iPad deserves an F for security readiness for financial services companies and businesses in other federally regulated industries.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 22:27

ATT Exposed

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ATT Exposed - iPad Security Issue Surfaces

Today, a internet security group posted secure iPad information after they ran a vulnerability check on the ATT Network...

Link Here

ipad leak


Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 June 2010 20:35