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This issue regarding RDP Requests from iPhone 4 is still not dead however our Exchange Team is very quiet and I am seeing intermittant issues still going on...

This issue seems to still be affecting Exchange RDP requests or our Active Sync is still having heartburn...

A restart of the service (Active-Sync) seems to remedy intermittant connectivity issues users with iPhone 4.

Others are reporting re-occuring meeting issues - I have not seen this however I have not looked for problems either...

We requested EVERYONE to add the profile fix when this issue surfaced...

Then we sent out instructions to make sure everyone (3G & 4G) added this profile update...

Then we asked everyone who was patching to call the helpdesk and get their name removed off our "Did Not Patch" list.

We removed everyone from the server who did not patch... (OUCH)

Then we asked everyone to update their phone to the latest 4.0.1 and remove the profile patch...

I updated my 3G to 4.0.1 and left the profile fix ON the phone just to see if someone did not follow our directions and see what would happen - So far my Exchange Push seems to be working and continued to work through the issues other around me with iPhone 4's were having - "Cannot Connect To Server".

While this is just an observation and not hard core testing it appears that we are still not entirely running the Exchange Server at 100%...



How to fix 3G/VVM/MMS problems in 4.0 WITHOUT losing all of your data
Posted: Jun 22, 2010 10:34 PM

First off, I can't take credit for this. tekset21 on these forums mentioned trying a restore from DFU instead of straight up and that's when I started experimenting the last few hours.

I've tried this twice. It worked the same exact same way. I'm guessing it will work for you as well.

1) Make sure you have a backup to restore to that will work. For me, this was the backup I made just before I upgraded to 4.0 yesterday.

2) Put your phone into DFU mode. To do this, you basically connect to iTunes, Hold down both the top button and the home button for 10 seconds, then release the top button but keep holding the home button until a window pops up in iTunes saying it's discovered a phone in iTunes in restore mode. If you need more help google "DFU mode" - there are tons of videos.

3) Restore using the regular restore button. Wait for the iPhone to finish reapplying the 4.0 software and reappear in iTunes

4) Click set up as a new phone and then continue. I personally sent myself an MMS, verified the 3G data connection was working by using maps, and played around with my voice mail until it asked me for a password and eventually showed me my visual voice mail.

5) Finally I restored to the backup I made yesterday. Everything was there like a normal restore (kinda).

NOTE: Whenever I did this the first time it came back from the restore with no SMS icon. I cannot explain this. I could receive a SMS, I could send one. The MMS worked fine too. The icon even showed up in the task drawer- just no icon on the home screen.

Tried the above 5 steps a second time and said "what the ****" and just rebooted my phone- the SMS icon appeared. Went through all the motions again (third time) and the icon appeared again.

6) Reboot your phone (if you haven't already).

Doing all of the above got me my phone to exactly where it was before i updated yesterday. I wish I could test this and restore it with the backup I made right before I started doing this tonight (get my messages from today back) but iTunes does not give me the option of doing so. I don't know why- I can see both backups and their timestamps but iTunes just isn't giving me that option.

Hope this helps.

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Re: How to fix 3G/VVM/MMS problems in 4.0 WITHOUT losing all of your data
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