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8310 Disassembly

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8310 dis-assembly procedure


Determine if phone is locked

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Originally Posted by estabulla
Go to Settings > Advanced > SIM Card and Type "MEPD".

If you get Network as "disabled" then the phone is unlocked. If it
says "Active" then the phone is locked.

I thought in Singapore the carrier has to legally unlock the phone?


Good stuff - thanks...

Now, I did this and it says:

SIM Card: Security Disabled
Sim - Disabled
Network - Active EDIT - Sorry RTFM! I see it now!
Network Subset - Disabled
Service Provider - Disabled
Corp Phone # - Disabled

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 October 2008 18:23

Blackberry Helmet

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Confirm Email Sent To BB Handheld

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Confirm Email Sent To Blackberry Handheld...

ImageIf you put "<"confirm">" (skip the inside quotations) in the header line of an email you send to a BlackBerry you will get a delivery confirmation when it has been delivered to the BlackBerry.

Of course you can send PIN message to a BlackBerry as well which is an instant way to communicate with other BlackBerry users. They always get a delivery receipt - a second tick appears next to the message. The only downside it that the PIN is the handset ID which will change when you change handset. This means you have to update everyone.

This is easy because there is a handy shortcut to generate the pin in a message. Type "mypin" and it gets replaced with a link that is another BlackBerry user can pin you with directly.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 August 2008 16:57

IT Policy on Blackberry Handheld

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Remove IT Policy

ImageIf you have any 8xxx device the best method for removing IT policy is to update it to OS 4.5 and you can use JL_Cmder's "resettofactory" command to remove ALL IT policy, Firewall restrictions and Application Permission settings. After you've upgraded to OS 4.5, simply backup the device using Desktop Manager, close Desktop Manager, then run JL_Cmder and execute the "resettofactory" command. The device will wipe, then reboot leaving the OS, 3rd party apps but no data AND, best of all, NO IT policy whatsoever. When you're done, simply restore your backup and you're good to go with no policy or locked firewall. You can downgrade back to the old OS if you desire, too.

If your device is running OS 4.2 or lower you will need to do the following located here.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 August 2008 16:34

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