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Saturday, 09 June 2007 06:10 Herb Oldenburg

I ran across this but any BB Dev Admin will probably already know this. You can use Javaloader.exe to manually add your 3rd part apps to your BB Handheld Device. I downloaded this exe and using the required syntax, I was able to load a 3rd party application I had downloaded after I purchased online. I could not connect to the website I downloaded the application from to try a OTA load, so I was able to download the app, extract the files from the zip file and then use a command line to load the application to the BB device using Javaloader.exe. On my way finding the solution to this I discovered a web site forum that gave me the necessary syntax to load the device. The help file the exe provided on the command line did not give me what I needed. Instead, I followed this setup I found in a forum:


Can someone please tell me how can I load my first midlet application onto my RIM 6750 device using comand line tool? :confused:
Details about my application are as follows:

  • 1. Port to which handheld is attached : COM1
  • 2. Bit rate speed to the serial port: 115200
  • 3. Location of JavaLoader.exe file: 'C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 3.6\bin'.
  • 4. Name of the application cod file: MyFirstMidlet
  • 5. Location of the cod file 'MyFirstMidlet.cod' : 'C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 3.6\bin' (i.e. same as JavaLoader.exe file's location)

    From the bin folder I tried several commands to load the application, but everytime it gives me the explaination about the usage about RIM java loader in the command prompt. Few of the commands I tried are as follows:

    a) JavaLoader -pCOM1 -b115200 load MyFirstMidlet

    b) JavaLoader -pCOM1 -b115200 load MyFirstMidlet.cod

    c) JavaLoader -pCOM1 -b115200 load MyFirstMidlet.cod

    d) JavaLoader -usb -pCOM1 -b115200 load MyFirstMidlet.cod



    Aquiname08-15-2003, 09:41 PM

    Stop using -usb. It's mutually exclusive to the serial ports. Also, it's pointless to specify the bit rate.

    The syntax for specifying the port is just -p1, -p2, etc. I believe -p1 is the default, so you could just omit it.

    So something like:

    javaloader load .cod

    should work for you, assuming it really is on COM1.

    As you can see here, the "Load" command was the key and then pointing the exe to the file. I loaded Javaloader.exe into the root folder of the cod appliation folder. Once this was done, I ran the syntax: javaloader.exe -u load xxxxxx.cod.

    The -u lets the loader know it is USB and not a Com port...!

    The BB Handheld Device challanged for the password and the application loaded!

    Good Luck....


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