Blackberry Screen Capture

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 06:58 Herb Oldenburg

What does bbscrene.exe do to my PC?

Article originally posted on Blackberry, by Doug F.

Use BBscreen to capture screenshots for documentation purposes from a live BlackBerry, not a simulator. Give it to your help desk who can send it to end-users to capture screenshots of error messages. Or, put it on a shared network location and have the help desk send links to it. Credit for this goes to Doug F. from Blackberry Forums.

What does the zip do?

  • 1.)BBscreen.exe extracts three files to a temp directory.
  • BBscreen.bat
  • JavaLoader.exe

  • 2.)BBscreen is launched from the temp directory.

  • 3.)If desired you can enter the device password.This is a time saver if you will be taking multiple screen shots.

  • 4.)A screenshot is captured and saved to the current users desktop. The file name will have the following format: BBscreen-%UserID%-%Picture#%.bmp.

  • 5.)You are prompted to take another screenshot.
  • If Yes, the next file name will be incremented by 1.
  • If No, BBscreen exits and the temp folder is deleted.
  • Only thing left behind is the self-extracting executable.

    The setup file can be downloaded here.


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