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VZ Theme for 8800

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Verizon Theme for 8800 Blackberry

Original article posted by JC on Blackberry Forums

Originally Posted by John Clark
This may be a simpler way for some....

Assumptions: You have Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.2, sp2.

I have extracted this theme and created it's own .alx to go along with it. To install this theme to your 8800/8300 simply download the .zip file linked below and extract it to a folder on your PC somewhere that you won't delete. Then simply use the "add" feature in Desktop Manager/Application Loader and browse to the .alx file. This will put a checkbox in application loader that will load the new theme. Additionally, you can later remove the theme by simply unchecking the box, if desired.

This is an alternate method to editing the Blackberry.alx file as posted above and gets the same results except that with this method you get a checkbox in Application Laoder to install and uninstall.

Hope this helps....


Download the zip here.


The manual method is a bit more of a drill down...

Here's a recap.

Get the cod files.

Extract them to the Java folder of your OS - C\program files\common files\reasearch in motion\shared\loader files\OS name\java Instructions for javaloader are attached. You can find javaloader on the forum here. javaloader.doc.

Edit your Alx file which will be where the OS root directory is up - one up from the java directory. All I did was add the following line in bold after my ATT theme is listed. This will be slightly different on the 8300.

  • fileset Colour="True" Java="1.0" series="8800"
  • Files:
  • net_rim_theme_102a_icon_320x240_b.cod
  • net_rim_theme_105_zen_320x240_b.cod

    I then used the Application Loader to load the theme.

    Good luck and the theme looks great on my 8800...

    Oh, the white tiger gif is here.


  • Last Updated on Sunday, 09 September 2007 22:45