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Tuesday, 07 August 2007 08:24 Herb Oldenburg
InstaSpell v0.92 is here! - 07-27-2007, 04:46 PM

Hi All,

Wait over. We are ready with the public release of Empower InstaSpell v0.92

The beauty of InstaSpell is this -

1. Universal: First the star attraction - Empower InstaSpell is made to be universal !

That means it will do spell check for you not only in emails but also in SMS, Notes, Tasks memo etc. Some people have reported it working with some 3rd party apps as well.

2. As-you-type: InstaSpell detects incorrect words as soon as you type them! Expected it to be instantaneous on all devices (even those on low-memory). For those wanting spell check at the end there is an option for that as well in your menu. Just click on SpellCheck after you are done writing your email.

3. On-device: Fully on-device. Unlike server-based checking where the whole text is sent to server, InstaSpell is fully on-device. This real advantage is not that it saves your data usage on every email. The real importance of on-device spell check is for privacy reasons - both of your business and personal emails.

We hope you will find Empower InstaSpell with its On-device, As-you-type, Universal spell checking abilities a good companion for your spell checking needs.

How to Install:

1. InstaSpell first:
2. Dictionary second:


Please install InstaSpell first and then Dictionary. Once both are installed, you will see an 'abc' icon on your HomeScreen. Open it, and click on Install button to Index the dictionary. Indexing is important to increase the lookup speed and enable compression. Indexing should take around 30sec - 1 min to complete. Once indexing is over, you will see some stats like - Word Count. Tick the Enable SpellCheck and exit.

Let us know how you like it. Thoughts, feedbacks are welcome. This version expires on July 30th when the next public version goes live. Also keep an eye on this thread for an important forthcoming announcement.

Update! I am having some issue with this app now. It no longer works! And when it did, it worked great! So, I have posted a new link to the BBCorrector software which I will be testing... More to follow...

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