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Home Blackberry Tech Blackberry 8310 OS 4.5 Out in the wild!

8310 OS 4.5 Out in the wild!

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Blackberry 8310 OS 4.5 Is Out!

Check on google and I started to use the .69 version as of August 10th.

Stable version and now the video works plus newer formatting. But soon I found out that I can no longer complete a full backup!


September 8th, 2008Image Ok, so now we find out the .55 is more stable than .69. 8310 does not agree completely with .69 version and .69 causes a bit of heartburn for the 8310. I could not backup the device and experienced now way to complete a full backup. So, I moved everything back to .55 and it is stable. There is an issue with .55 that I found out by reading the The sound is quieter. What do I mean by this? The actual volume is set quieter than on the 4.2 OS. If you use speaker phone and pay attention, you will notice a subtle change from 4.2. is quieter! hmeister...

Last Updated on Monday, 08 September 2008 14:24