DVD to BOLD in one step!

Friday, 07 November 2008 03:31 Herb Oldenburg
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Programs required:

1: Slysoft ANYDVD 2: Slysoft CloneDVDMobile


Install both, you can use a 21 day trial before spending any money.

Navigate via windows explorer to:

Program Files Slysoft CloneDVDMobile

Look for the file devices.ini (save a copy just incase)

Open it in 'notepad'


Scroll down to Blackbery 8800 (change 8800 to 9000 if you like)

Change the resolutions to:

480 x 320

Change frame ratio to 16:10 (If anyone knows the exact best ratio to put here let me know)

Change frame rate to 25 (Bold can handle this easily it seems).

Save the file.


Plug in your bold via USB.

Make sure anydvd is running in your sys tray.

Run dvdmobile. Browse to the disc and it should only highlight the main film track. Go to the next step and set your preferred views. You can have it letterboxed or zoomed in as much as you like to fill the screen but lose some picture.

Set the output folder as the video folder on your media card (make sure you put the film name in the file path before the .avi

ie j:/blackberry/video/new_film.avi

Choose 1 2 or 3 passes for quality.

Set it going.

I use 2 pass and it takes about 25 minutes from start to finsish for a perfect transfer.


Hope this helps some people out

Let me know how you get on or if you're able to make any improvements.