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Home Cisco CCNA Testing 9tut Simulators & Exam Helps

9tut Simulators & Exam Helps

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ICND2 9tut Exam Help Pages and Simulators


  • You have Visual Cert Exam Manager
  • You have Cisco Packet Tracer
  1. ACL Sim. 
  2. ACL Packet Tracer
  3. ACL 9tut Tutorial
  4. VTP Sim.
  5. VTP Packet Tracer
  6. VTP 9tut Tutorial
  7. Frame Relay Sim
  8. OSPF Sim
  9. OSPF Exam Commands uTube
  10. OSPF Fundamentals Video - uTube
  11. IPv6 VCE Exam Questions - Updated 1/30/12 

Just some additional topics and FAQ's for taking either the CCNA or ICND2 Exam.

I have sat both exams and I can tell you from experience that time management is necessary to pass all Cisco exams. For example, I sat the ICND1 exam and was doing fine working through about half of the exam. On my time I am assuming that all simulators have been completed past the half-way mark. This was not the case and the 2nd to last question was a sim. This happened on ICND1 and CCNA!. So watch your time!. If you have 3 to 4 minutes left and two questions like in my circumstance and thinking your going to click off a quick 2 questions you may get a surprise and get a sim.

Good Luck...


Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 February 2012 07:28