This morning I worked quickly to upgrade our current PIX 515E to 128 Megs of RAM. Our Pix is running ASDM 5.3 and 7.22 security software but is now in a position to upgrade to version 8.04 (summer) and ASDM 6. Although this device is being phased out and replaced by the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) line of products I think our current appliance can still function well for another year and possibly two. With the upgrade the unit can easily handle the latest security software by Cisco and can still process enough traffic keeping the bandwidth levels around the 30mbps up and 30mbps down.

The device takes PC 100 CL2 SDram memory modules. To save money you can use any compatible memory with these specs and (saving a couple of hundred dollars off what Cisco charges for same part). Although you can theoretically add more memory such as 256 megs – I choose not to since we are using a Restricted license – the software will not use more than 128 megs of RAM (UR license allows 256 on software 7.x or higher).

I worked quickly this morning to replace since all network is disrupted while the device is online – the entire process took about 20 minutes.

As usual this product is solid from Cisco works great all day every day and requires little attention.

Accessing the inside of the PIX is relatively easy, Remove side brackets (if mounted) remove 4 screws on top side lid. Then slide lid off.

Network WAN Connection Speed at Geneseo CUSD 228

Machine is powered by a Pentium class Celeron Processor and has two SDram 168 pin slots (100 mhz) (Corrected based on comment :) )