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Home Cisco Cisco Router Cisco 2600 - Add 2nd LAN Card

Cisco 2600 - Add 2nd LAN Card

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Cisco Router 2600 - Add 2nd LAN Card


- Is it possible?

"I have a 2600xx and from what I have found only a NM-1E or NM-4E will work (officially). Search for a "Cisco 2600/3600/3700 Series LAN Connectivity Modules" and it is on page 7 of 8. I attached the page I am referring to."
(see download link below) 

-webadmin- I have a vendor that took receivership of a bank chain and has a lot of these however the 2600 plain jane model only has 1 Ethernet port and the regular managment port. If you look at the older documentation on this 2600 model on Cisco Web it will say not compatable however I found this article above. The web forum where this question was asked is called

See attached word.doc for further Cisco notes on compatability....

very small download

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