Cisco Switch Stack - Default Setup

Saturday, 16 July 2011 13:45 administrator

How to default a once stacked Cisco 3750 to a single switch


You need to provision it as an stand alone switch:

use this command:


Switch-B(config)#switch 1 provision <switch type)


If the switch was number 2 in the stack this command will make it one.


There is more to this story...

In order to get a switch back to position 1 you have to complete this in a few steps.

Otherwise you will still see the newly appointed switch 1 and the old position with all ports showing...

                     switch [current stack number] renumber 1

Then once you have the switch renumbered do a sh ip int brief    <3750(config)#show ip interface brief>

You will see 24 or 48 ports in both positions. In my case I had a switch 3 and moved to 1 and completing the sh ip int brief will show both positions.

Now you can removed the orphan position, in my case I needed to remove position 3 on a 48 port 3750.

<3750(config)# no switch 3 provision ws-c3750-48p>
<3750(config)# exit>
<3750# write memory >

This works.... I originally used the first method however if you try this you will see what I mean about keeping the original switch position.

It will still show ports on the old number and new....



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