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LCD on m0n0wall Watchguard

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Someone has done it - LCD/m0n0wall/Watchguard

See the setup on the m0n0wall forum here....


m0n0wall Firewall Rules - DMZ or Captive Portal

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Chapter 13. Example Configurations

m0n0wall_logo_100x100m0n0wall Example DMZ Configurations

-webadmin- This article is part of the m0n0wall white papers published here: You can substitute the DMZ examples here and use this setup for Guest Wireless using the Captive Portal feature.

Credits: Chris Buechler, Manuel Kasper

m0n0wall written by Manuel Kasper. Most documentation written by Chris Buechler. Additional Contributors listed in Contributors and Credits


Configuring a DMZ Interface Using NAT

This section will explain how to add a DMZ interface to the two interface (LAN/WAN) base configuration from the Quick Start Guide.

You must have a functioning two interface setup before starting on configuring your DMZ interface.

The 1:1 NAT DMZ setup is most appropriate where you have multiple public IP's and wish to assign a single public IP to each DMZ host.

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