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Working LCD - X700 Watchguard! - PFSense 2.0

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 Working LCD on Watchguard X700 with PFSense 2.0!

Edit: This only works correctly under 2.0. To use this file for 1.2.3 you need to add a sym link manually see

Here's something that works!  Roll Eyes
At least it did with yesterdays build (pfSense-2.0-BETA5-1g-i386-20110209-1815) on a completely clean install.
Download the attachment to this message. Rename it lcdd4.tar (remove the .png).
Upload it to your firebox via Diagnostics\Command Prompt\Upload in the web interface. This will put the file in \tmp. Then open a command prompt via serial or shh and:
Code: (after you copy the file to the /tmp dir complete the commands in red)
Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 22:16

X500 X700 X1000 Armed LED FIX

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X500, X700, X1000 Armed Light LED FIX

stephen10wAll credit goes to Stephenw10 from  

-Steve-     Here is the new program incorporating all the new values for the X-Core. Obviously rename it WGXepc (remove the .png extension). Copy it to your box and chmod it to 0755. Run it!  Grin  Because the new memory locations were quite high I felt it would be dangerous to simply write all the values on every box, which what the previous programs did. This new one tries to find out which Firebox model it's running on by reading the gpio_sel register and comparing it with known values. It works fine for me here on the three boxes I've tested it on but I don't have an X-Core and I can imagine that a different bios version might cause detection problems. Deal with that if it happens. Hopefully this might stop people randomly installing it on any box and messing with some important setting!  Roll Eyes It seems to run fine on 1.2.3 and 2.0Beta5.  -Steve-


Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 22:16

X700 & PFSense 2.0 Rc1

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X700 WatchGuard & PFSense 2.0 Rc1

images What started as a small request for help with a firewall bought on eBay turned into a completely new project. It gave me time off from studying my Cisco and opened a whole new world of FreeBSD. The Watchguard x700 would not let us in. I even found the correct managment tool on UseNext and downloaded the management tool. No Joy. I could not break into the box!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 22:17