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pfSense Captive Portal

pfSense Captive Portal Edit

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imagespfSense: Captive Portal Logo Edit

(-Webadmin-) This article was copied from another blog - Disclosure: I am not connected with pfSense/BSD Perimeter LLC in any business manner, I am just a user. I created this feature focus for my own reasons but decided to publish it anyway. The real push for this article to me is how to control the jpg format on the public portal page. See the last part of this article to disclose the "File" area and how to manipulate your public portal page with your business artwork. 


For the uninitiated pfSense is a standalone firewall/router the is based on FreeBSD which is designed for use on standard PC hardware. It uses the OpenBSD Packet Filter (hence the pf) for the firewall as well as advanced features such as hardware redundancy via CARP, VPN and load balancing. However I will be talking about an interesting feature called the captive portal on pfSense 2.x. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 June 2011 21:36