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Cisco 350 Wireless Monitor Mode

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802.11 Monitor Mode with Cisco cards

Using wireless monitor mode in Linux/FreeBSD with Cisco cards

cisco350Cisco PCM340/350

The difference between those two cards is the transmit power level. On the PCM340 power is limited to 30mW, whereas the PCM350 can output 100mW. For monitoring applications obviously that doesn't matter a great deal.

When used as a normal wireless client, the firmware will automatically find the best access point based on signal quality and associate with it. This feature extends to monitor mode as well, so it's best to select the SSID name first and then let the card figure out the correct channel. Manually setting the channel doesn't seem to be honored.

Firmware version 4.25.30 seems to work.

Last Updated on Saturday, 21 May 2011 12:28