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Migrate Outlook 2003 User Settings

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Can This Work???

<webadmin> I copied this from another site and do not know if this works or not. With the current environment I am in the import/export is disabled and we do not use PST files - we use OST. So managing these user settings has been a bit of an issue with our Win7 migration using Office2010. We are in a very mixed environment with some XP users on Office2003 and Office2007 and moving to Office 2010.  

I will work on this and update once I have tried this on a few users....


I've been looking everywhere for days to find out how to do exactly what you describe - move Outlook accounts from one computer to another, or to simply back up email accounts. Versions of Outlook preceding 2002 had a feature built in for this, but beginning with 2002 there is no feature. Plus it appears that Microsoft has mercilessly hidden its means of storing Outlook accounts from anyone who might be trying to find them. 

Last Updated on Friday, 15 June 2012 10:36

Western Digital 2TB

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WD's Caviar Black and RE4 2TB drives get benchmarked, one is wicked fast

Western Digital plopped itself firmly in the midst of the 2TB HDD battle back in early September, and if you've been holding off on buying your next slab of storage until the benchmarks hit, we're pleased to inform you that the wait is over. The crew over at Hot Hardware slapped both the Caviar Black and RE4 drives into their testing rigs in order to put 'em both through their respective paces. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, both of the 7200RPM drives were mighty quick in real-world use -- not SSD quick, mind you, but pretty darn snappy given the capaciousness. When push came to shove, the Caviar Black managed to pull ahead in terms of raw speed, but given that the RE4 is really an enterprise drive, we doubt you're keeled over in shock.
Last Updated on Friday, 20 August 2010 02:43

XP Restore Registry & Profile

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Langa Letter: XP's No-Reformat,

Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option

Fred Langa shows you how to completely rebuild, repair,

or refresh an existing XP installation without losing data,

and without having to reinstall user software, reformat,

or otherwise destructively alter the setup.

Fred Langa

It's one of those software design decisions that makes you scratch your head and wonder,

"What were they thinking?"

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 June 2009 13:21

First Tech Support Guy!

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First Tech Support Guy

If you liked the First Tech Support Guy, here is another uTube...

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 May 2009 10:57

TechSupp 101 - 01 - or 1??

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First Tech Support Guy

If you like the First Tech Support Guy -

Here is another from the same guys.... Buffering is a problem? Nah - not according to these network engineers... (sub-titled)



Last Updated on Friday, 01 May 2009 22:51

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