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IDE to SATA Using Acronis

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Cloning an IDE drive to an SATA drive, or vice versa, is almost as straightforward as IDE-to-IDE cloning. There's just one key difference: Currently, only a handful of SATA controllers are available, the majority of which are made by Silicon Image, VIA, and Promise. The Promise controller is, strictly speaking, a RAID controller; as such, it will not be detected automatically by the Acronis True Image software. However, when I've tested the VIA and Silicon Image SATA controllers, both were automatically detected by the Acronis True Image software.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 20:25

XP Speed

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By Fred Langa

Langa Letter:

Ten Ways To Make Windows XP Run Better

Tune XP's Visual Performance
Depending on how you set it up, XP may have reserved a substantial amount of your CPU horsepower for things like animating various desktop elements, placing shadows under menus and cursors, and rounding the upper corners of open windows. In the aggregate, these visual effects can slow down screen-drawing operations significantly. Also, XP may have selected a "color depth" for your video system in excess of what you really need; this, too, can slow down screen operations.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 August 2008 16:38

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