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Samsung Slate 8 - Missing Driver?

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Samsung Windows 8 Missing Driver


Samsung Slate Win 8 is a hit! 

Link to Samsung website outlining some helps when installing Win8 on Samsung Slate...

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 16:53

Samsung Slate 8 - Can't see NAS

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Having issues seeing your NAS with your Win8 Slate?

Here is what I did...




To enable access for NAS devices, and RSA Key:


From Admin Console:


  • sc config lanmanworkstation depend=  bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi

  • sc config mrxsmb20 start= disabled


If you are adding to a domain - this step below may be helpful to attach to your Corporate key.

Also, you should run this BEFORE joining your domain.



  • certutil -setreg chain\minRsaPubKeyBitLength 512




Last Updated on Friday, 21 September 2012 12:00

Samsung Slate 8 - Reinstall

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I take no credit for this entire article. I did plagerize the entire content but thought this would be possibly something someone else needs. Easy enough to do this and you can find the original article here.


This guide works 100% for Windows 7 and Windows 8 unlike most of the guides out there. I have seen many sites/blogs that have “Install Vista from USB guide” but either with incomplete steps or not working guide. I have also seen some guides that don’t’ use proper commands in this guide. After spending many hours I have come up with this 100% working guide to install Windows 7 and Windows 8 from USB flash drive.

Bootable USB drive

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 16:53

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