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Metro Desktop & Start Button

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Metro Photo Application and do you want a start button (kinda)?

This debate with Metro Desktop will be like a forum full of Apple fans and MS$ fans going over the assets and liabilities. So far I can tolorate metro desktop but my wife asked me to removed Windows 8  from our common computer upstairs as she  was too  frustrated with trying to deal with the Metro desktop.


While I hope this works for regular consumers as I too am seeing  a bit of behavior I would deem as negative. While we all get our feet wet with the new Consumer Preview it should be interesting to watch Win 8 develop. While I can manage the Metro desktop the Metro Photo application seems to have taken over my Samsung digital camera. 

Still working out the details and  hopefully I can figure this out. 

Details will follow....   In the mean time  - if you like Windows 8 you may want to  peek at this webpage...

You can get your start button back!

Here is what it looks like... Almost gotta loveit...

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 18:00