Samsung Slate 8 - Missing Driver?

Saturday, 21 July 2012 16:29 administrator

Samsung Windows 8 Missing Driver


Samsung Slate Win 8 is a hit! 

Link to Samsung website outlining some helps when installing Win8 on Samsung Slate...

Also, missing a driver after your Windows 8 install?

Check this link out below and also the second link which you may have already stumbled upon but it also is a good outline on how to manage the slate during a Win8 install.

UPDATE - 7-21-9:22pm 

I have confirmed that the chipset driver will fix this missing SM driver issue. The file is located on the Samsung site listed in the Samsung site here. I used the first "Chipset" driver that I came to using the Windows 7 driver matrix on this site. Downloaded the driver and rebooted the slate and everything has installed correctly. Driver is here...

By the way, even though the link is for the XE700T1A-A04US drivers this driver will work on the A01US as well. It did on mine.


UPDATE - 7-21-12 8:49pm

Found another interesting site here that provides additional information on the missing driver(s):

And these sites listed below are interesting as well... Open GL for the AngryBird Fans.. And the second site has a good cookbook which has been already discussed on the existing links above but stream-lines the process.

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