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Samsung Slate 8 - Which Keyboard?

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I have this device - What do I do about the keyboard?

There are some bluetooth keyboards out there that are small and even one that was built for the Samsung Slate 8. The reviews on the Samsung keyboard appear to be varied between 1 star and 5 stars. A lot of people are complaining about the key build and that the keys are "mushey". Also, MS has confirmed that the bluetooth keyboards can drop off the device and not perform as expected. See KB article below.

One of the keyboards that caught my eye is the IOGear line.

Especially this one:

UPDATE - Since I own an iPad and Slate I bought a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I bought the keyboard and mouse from CompUSA.

  •  Logitech Tablet Keyboard - which I like but it is missing the Windows button...  Logitech Link
  • Microsoft Mouse - Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
  • updated The MS Mouse was broken out of the package and returned back to CompUSA. (No problems & CompUSA is great)
  • I now have the Logitech travel bluetooth mouse - So far no issues... and it works great!
  • I still would like to try the Multi-Link bluetooth keyboard listed in the top link...

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 19:17