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Samsung Slate 8 - Deployment Checklist

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Samsung site for Win 8 on the Samsung Series 7  

A quick deployment checklist:

** The latest distribution of Windows 8 does not suffer from this missing driver or at least the load that MS provided us did not exhibit symptoms from this missing driver issue. 

While this is a basic list I have worked with when trying to get this device into our network environment there are other fixes and adjustments I am still working on.

If you have any suggestions or critique please let me know and good luck...

Today, one of our testors brought to my attention the battery life is about 2 hours! Not much to go on and by no means as lean as the iPad power consumption. But I digress and think this device is not in the same catagory as an iPad but a Hybrid Slate. (IMHO)

Last Updated on Friday, 21 September 2012 11:29